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Timber fencing

Timber fencing remains a timeless and adaptable option that can enhance both the visual appeal and functionality of your residential or commercial property. Whether you aim to boost security, privacy, or overall aesthetics, timber fencing offers a plethora of advantages, making it a preferred choice for discerning customers.

Why Choose us for Timber Fencing?

Embracing timber fencing introduces a timeless element of natural sophistication to any property. Our meticulously crafted timber fences not only exude warmth but also boast unparalleled durability. Sourced from responsibly managed forests, timber stands as an eco-conscious choice, promoting sustainability with each installation. With proper upkeep, our timber fences endure various weather conditions, maintaining their structural integrity over time.

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Benefits of Eco-Friendly Timber Fencing

Renewable Resource

Our timber fencing services are committed to sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests, ensuring a balanced approach to resource usage. For every tree harvested, another is replanted, contributing to the vitality and longevity of our forest ecosystems.

Carbon Neutral:

--- Timber functions as a carbon sink, actively absorbing and retaining carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Opting for timber fencing translates into a tangible reduction in your property's carbon footprint.

Biodegradable and Recyclable

In contrast to synthetic materials, timber is biodegradable and readily recyclable. This eco-friendly characteristic minimizes the environmental impact associated with waste disposal, aligning with sustainable practices.

Why Choose Our Skilled Fencing Contractors

Our array of fencing solutions for commercial entities encompasses robust metal fencing, secure security gates, and bespoke options tailored to meet specific business requirements. Elevate both the safety and aesthetics of your commercial premises with our expert fencing solutions.


Backed by experienced fencing contractors with a proven track record of excellence, our team delivers high-quality results consistently.


From project inception to completion, professionalism remains paramount, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Quality Materials

We prioritize the utilization of premium materials to guarantee the longevity and resilience of our fencing installations.

Custom Solutions

Recognizing the unique nature of each property, our contractors collaborate closely with clients to devise customized fencing solutions that address specific needs effectively.

Timber Fencing, Pro Fencing Wollongong, NSW
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Residential Excellence

For homeowners seeking unparalleled installation services, our adept team is adept at catering to residential properties’ distinctive requirements. Whether it’s implementing cutting-edge security systems, installing energy-efficient heating solutions, or integrating smart home technologies seamlessly, our professionals ensure a seamless experience for homeowners.

Beyond installation, our commitment to quality extends to respecting your space, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine. Client satisfaction remains our top priority, and we strive to surpass expectations in every residential project.

Commercial Expertise

In the realm of commercial installations, efficiency and reliability are paramount. At Pro Fencing Wollongong, we grasp the pivotal role efficient systems play in commercial environments. From electrical setups to data and network solutions, our installation team is adept at tackling diverse commercial needs.

Acknowledging the challenges unique to businesses, such as the imperative for minimal downtime during installations, our team collaborates closely with your staff to devise streamlined processes. With a focus on precision and expertise, we deliver installations that augment your commercial space’s functionality and efficiency.

Timber Fencing in Wollongong

Timber fencing stands as one of the most sought-after solutions in Wollongong, prized for its versatility and natural allure. Whether for decorative or privacy purposes, timber offers a multitude of options to suit varying needs. Moreover, it provides cost-effective solutions that endure the test of time, ensuring both aesthetics and longevity.

Furthermore, timber fencing in Ipswich boasts eco-friendly benefits, as wood is a renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested. By opting for timber fencing, homeowners contribute to the preservation of forests and promote environmentally responsible practices. Moreover, the warmth and charm of timber complement various architectural styles, enhancing the overall appeal of residential properties while blending seamlessly with natural surroundings. With proper maintenance, timber fencing can withstand the elements, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality for years to come.

Expert Fencing Services

Proper Installation of Timber Fencing is Essential

While timber fencing boasts resilience, its longevity hinges significantly on the installation process. To secure a timber fence capable of withstanding the elements, entrust the task to experienced, professional fencing installers. Our seasoned fence installers possess invaluable insights into effective installation techniques, ensuring optimal outcomes for your timber fence.

With decades of experience erecting timber fences across Wollongong, we’ve earned a reputation as one of the region’s premier fencing contractors. Whether for commercial or residential projects, our supply and installation services guarantee reliability and quality. If you have any inquiries, our friendly team is always at your service.

If you have any questions, simply contact our friendly team.

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At Pro Fencing Wollongong, we prioritize customer service above all else. Our reputation is built on providing a helpful and friendly environment for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned tradie or new to the world of fencing.

We take pride in offering a traditional style of service that’s sometimes forgotten by many Wollongong fencing companies. Our team of friendly timber fence installers is always ready to assist with any inquiries or assistance you may need regarding timber fences.

If you’re seeking customer service reminiscent of days past, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pro Fencing Wollongong today for the finest fencing services in Wollongong!

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Browse Our FAQs:

We use a range of quality materials, including treated pine and hardwoods. These options provide durability and a visually appealing look. Our professional fencing services ensure the right fence for your needs, offering both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting performance.

The time to complete a fencing project depends on the size and complexity. Typically, residential projects take a few days, while commercial fencing may take longer. Our experienced team is dedicated to quality workmanship, ensuring your fence is installed correctly.

Yes, timber fencing can be used as a pool barrier. We ensure it meets safety standards for pool fences. For additional options, we also offer glass fencing and aluminium slat fencing for your pool area.

Regular maintenance includes cleaning and treating the wood to prevent rot and damage. This ensures long-lasting performance and keeps your fence looking new. Our team provides expert advice on maintaining all your fencing needs.

Yes, we provide free quotes for all our services. Contact us today to discuss your fencing needs, and we’ll provide a competitive price for high-quality fencing solutions. Our customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Absolutely. Combining timber with materials like aluminium slat fencing or Colorbond gates can enhance both the durability and aesthetic appeal of your fence. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your unique needs.

We are a reputable company with decades of fencing experience. Our dedicated team ensures high-quality materials and exceptional customer service. We provide top-notch fencing solutions for both residential and commercial markets, ensuring your property’s security and aesthetic appeal.

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