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Commercial fencing

Our commercial fencing solutions are versatile, catering to various needs ranging from privacy and security to enhancing overall brand aesthetics. Count on our dedicated team to guide you in making the perfect choice.

Commercial Fence Applications

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial fencing applications, covering the diverse needs present in today’s market. For instance, commercial chain-link fencing proves to be an excellent and cost-effective option suitable for storage facilities, parks, and sports fields such as baseball diamonds. On the other hand, commercial wood fencing emerges as a great choice for apartment complex construction, school facilities, and subdivisions.

When seeking a reliable and skilled commercial fence contractor, look no further than our company. With a history dating back to 1977, our team comprises skilled and organized project managers, estimators, and safety-trained installers who comprehend the demands of various environments, including new construction sites, government, military, industrial, and secure facility settings.

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Professional Commercial Fencing

Investing in professional commercial fencing represents a strategic move. Whether safeguarding your business premises or enhancing the privacy and appeal of your home, a well-designed and expertly installed commercial fence can yield significant benefits. Professional commercial fencing offers a holistic solution, addressing security concerns while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the property. With customizable options, regulatory compliance, and durability, it stands as a wise investment that guarantees peace of mind and long-term value.


Our team of fencing professionals in Wollongong boasts extensive expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining a wide array of fencing solutions. From traditional timber fencing to modern aluminum and steel options, we cater to diverse preferences and requirements.

Benefits of Commercial Fencing


Experience heightened privacy with our commercial fencing solutions. Safeguard your residential or commercial space from prying eyes, ensuring confidentiality within your premises.

Enhanced Security

Our commercial fencing serves as a formidable deterrent against trespassers and intruders. With its sturdy construction and strategic placement, it provides a formidable barrier, deterring potential threats and ensuring property safety.

Property Value

Installing commercial fencing not only enhances security but also boosts the aesthetic appeal of your property. This enhancement can positively impact the overall value of your residential or commercial space.

Pro Fencing Wollongong, NSW

Commercial Fencing Experts

Choosing the right commercial fencing experts is crucial for both residential and commercial property owners. A well-designed and professionally installed fence not only enhances premises security but also adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

Our team of Commercial Fencing Experts comprehends the unique needs of both residential and commercial customers. With years of industry experience, we take pride in delivering bespoke fencing solutions that seamlessly blend functionality and style.

why choose our commercial fencing services?

Our fencing options for commercial clients encompass sturdy metal fencing, robust security gates, and custom solutions tailored to meet your business’s unique demands. Enhance both safety and appearance with our skilled fencing solutions.

Quality Installation and Service

With the requisite training, experience, and know-how, we deliver reliable services for commercial and security fence contracting, regardless of project complexity. Our top priority remains quality installation and service.

Premium Commercial Fencing

Without appropriate security measures in place at your commercial property, ongoing risks persist both when the building is occupied and when it is not. Contact our company today, and we'll promptly initiate the process.

Property Value

Installing commercial fencing not only bolsters security but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, potentially boosting its overall value. Contact us today to explore various high-quality security fence options tailored to your premise's unique needs.

Expert Fencing Contractor

Premium Commercial Fencing Services

Inadequate security measures at your commercial property pose continual risks, whether the building is occupied or vacant. Reach out to our company today, and we’ll promptly initiate the necessary steps. With several high-quality security fence options at our disposal, we will collaborate with you to select the most suitable one tailored to your premise’s unique requirements.

Our objective is to achieve the optimal balance of aesthetics, protection, and strength by integrating fence design, height, features, and additional accessories.

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At Pro Fencing Wollongong, we prioritize customer service above all else. Our reputation is built on providing a helpful and friendly environment for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned tradie or new to the world of fencing.

At Pro Fencing Wollongong, we prioritize customer service above all else. Our reputation is built on providing a helpful and friendly environment for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned tradie or new to the world of fencing.

If you’re seeking customer service reminiscent of days past, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pro Fencing Wollongong today for the finest fencing services in Wollongong!

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Browse Our FAQs:

Yes, we install automatic gates as part of our fencing services. Our experienced team ensures precise installation, enhancing security and convenience for your business. We provide high-quality materials and professional fencing services to meet all your fencing needs.

Absolutely, we offer pool fencing options including glass fences and aluminium slat fencing for commercial pool areas. Our pool fences are designed to keep the pool area safe and visually appealing, using the highest quality materials for a superior fencing solution.

Yes, we offer timber fencing as part of our fencing projects. Timber fences provide a natural and durable option for enhancing the visual appeal and security of your commercial outdoor space. We ensure quality workmanship and use quality materials for a fantastic job.

You can request an obligation-free quote for your commercial fencing project by contacting us directly. Our fencing company offers free quotes for all our services, ensuring you get the right fence for your needs. We provide a wide range of fencing solutions tailored to your requirements.

Pro Fencing Wollongong is known for delivering high-quality fencing and exceptional results. We use the best materials and take utmost care in our installations, ensuring customer satisfaction. Our reputation as one of the best fencing contractors in the Wollongong area is built on our commitment to quality and professionalism.

Yes, we offer repair and replacement services for existing fences. Whether it’s a new fence installation or fixing a damaged section, our team provides superior fencing solutions for both residential and commercial applications. We ensure a quality job with every fencing project we undertake.

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